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Join the course for two weekends in October to learn how to accelerate your career. 

Course Description

This abbreviated course is designed to benefit musicians who are already in the process of building their careers, and those just starting their musical journeys. It is designed to dispel common misconceptions of career building and illuminate key fields of knowledge with which to take your career to the next level.

All lectures will be held online, taking place during the first two weekends of October (10/2,10/3,10/9,10/10). Each  day has 3 lectures, 1.5 hours each with a total of 12 lectures in 2 weekends.


Please note, the number of participants is limited!

Ghenadie Rotari

Ghenadie Rotari is an accordionist and a coach with a passion for the new in music and guiding musicians on their career paths. Having accumulated several years of experience in self-management, concert organization and building professional relationships, Ghenadie completed the Be Your Own Manager courses, created by Bernhard Kerres, and became first a teaching assistant and later the official regional coach of the Be Your Own Manager programme in Italy. Through a series of workshops and webinars he offers effective tools to increase the quality of online and offline presence. As an active musician, Ghenadie’s concert engagements took him to stages and festivals on three different continents, debuting at Carnegie Hall, Berliner Philharmonie, Kioi Concert Hall in Tokyo and others. He truly believes that cooperation and sharing knowledge among musicians will make the entire community thrive.

Andrew Byrne

Andrew Byrne has been working in the digital media space since 2015. Since then, he has obtained over 300 certificates from leading digital media companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and LinkedIn and worked with numerous clients the world over. He has a passion for languages and travelling and has put that passion behind his international marketing and communications consulting company, Byrnesy Consultancy. An active member of both Rotary and Toastmasters, he also makes sure to take the time to give back to the communities in which he works. Andrew is a digital media and public speaking expert who's passionate about educating people about the benefits of digital media and how to use them effectively.

Dorothee Freiberger

Dorothee Freiberger (Badent) is a music producer, sound engineer and composer. She is one of the successful producers behind Conchita Wurst's winning track “Rise Like a Phoenix” and her symphonic album “From Vienna with Love” - a collaboration with the Wiener Sinfoniker. She was the musical director of the ESC 2015, as well as various ORF shows - as most recently at the classical music competition "Die goldene Note" with Thomas Gottschalk. Her creative spectrum ranges from classical orchestral recordings to the production and composition of national and international film and TV music. Her main focus here is on the musical recording management, such as the film music for the film, "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm", which has been awarded 2 Golden Globes.

Short course description

Please note! The timetable will be held in Central European Time (CET)

Self promotion

1. Career strategy

Being the best doesn’t guarantee a successful career – being unique does. Who you are as an artistis the starting point of your career and is always developing. In this lecture we will dig deep and ask ourselves “why am I a musician?”. You can start building your strategy around your uniqueness. You will receive useful tools and tips on how to write a bio promoters will read and remember, types of bios and what photos and videos to use.

2. Digital Presence

Your website is often the first contact your fanbase will interact within the digital space. In this lecture you will receive tips on how to build a functional website, what works and what doesn’t, aspects to keep in mind and more. We will also touch upon the different social media platforms and how to choose the ones that work for you.

3. Fanbase

 How well do you know your “fans”? How often do you connect with them? Maintaining an active relationship with your fanbase is crucial for the success of your career. Musicians cannot exist without their fanbase. In this lecture we will talk about different types of fans, useful tools to keep in touch with them and how to start a contact database.

4. Your First Recording and Becoming a Promoter 

In the final lecture we will touch upon two these two important topics. Doing a recording requires a certain amount of planning and many details are to be considered. We will go through some of these, including planning, budgeting, releasing, financing and more. In the second part of the lecture we will put ourselves in the shoes of an audience member. The mindset is the key and by understanding the expectations of your audiences you can deliver a unique and interesting experience.  

Your digital presents

1. Digital Media Basics 

What you need to know about digital media. This will provide you with the basics, tips, and a few tricks to begin strategically thinking about digital media and your brand.

2. Digital Media and YOU

How to build your community through strategy. This class will help teach you how to begin building your online community. Building on day 1, you will dive deeper into the strategy behind what you see people posting online.

3. Busting the Myths

Creating, building, and promoting a digital brand requires a lot more than posting a pretty picture. It requires data, strategy and either time and/or money. Data is everything

4. Digital Advertising

Make sure you’re seen. In today’s world, the digital landscape is already filled with content. Getting and staying noticed is no longer as simple as just having great content. Now that you have the strategy and data, you can begin advertising.

Recording basics

1. Recording basics

 Equipment. Acoustics. Instruments.

2. Getting ready to be recorded. More about the steps must be done before the recording session. Click Tracks. Tuning. Scores.

3. The recording Session

What’s happening in the booth? Structure of a recording day.

4. After the recording session

Editing. Choosing parts. Cutting with click and without. What problems can be solved and what are more difficult to solve -noises, reverb, tuning issues, etc.)

Boost your career

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