25.11.2020 - 01-03.2021

ICU International Composers Contest

The International Conductors Union is honoured to announce the ICU International Composers Contest. We believe that building a creative network and bonds between composers and conductors will contribute to the development of classical music. Our goals are to find the new talents, and give them a hand in the realization of their career, bring their beautiful music to the world.
The music of the Contest winners will be performed by the professional orchestra on the big stage life and published. Also, ICU Council might decide to use this music as an obligatory piece for ICU Conducting Competitions.
To participate in the Contest, please send us the filled application and pay the fee (60 euro for chamber music,120 for symphonic). 

The ICU Composers Competition’s doors are opened for all composers over 18 y.o. regardless of their nation!

Malta 22-29.01.2021

Malta International Conducting Masterclass and Competition

The International Conductors Union, together with Malta Central Academy of Arts are pleased to announce The International Malta Conducting Masterclass and Competition. There are a significant number of conducting competitions dedicated to different fields of music. Still, the majority of them have restricted rules regarding the age of participants. We believe that experienced musicians with, for example, many years of experience in an orchestra but over forty years old must have an opportunity to build a new career. That’s why we don’t have any age limit.

We believe that talent and the wish to develop new skills doesn’t depend on nationality and age! The doors of our competition are open to everybody!

Vienna 21-27.09.2021

Vienna Conducting Masterclass
and Competition

All the details will be available soon.

Malta 21-27.03.2022

Malta International Conducting Festival

All the details will be available in June 2021.

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